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Land Stewardship

If you have the privilege of tending to the land, these guides will help you to build a healthy and resilient ecosystem in your backyard.

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Land Stewardship


Nurture Pollinators with Hedgerows: Elevating Bee-Friendly Habitats

Learn how a hedgerow attracts bees and butterflies in your backyard - go beyond pollinator patches with a year-round pollinator habitat!

Cultivate Vibrant Hedgerows: A Sustainable Sanctuary for Nature, Humans, and Climate

Discover the ecological wonders of hedgerows - diverse plant ecosystems supporting wildlife, sequestering carbon, and enhancing soil health

Hairy Vetch Cover Crop: A Starter Guide to Your Garden's BFF

Begin your journey with hairy vetch. Learn how it nurtures gardens and enriches soil naturally in our comprehensive cover crop introduction.

Daikon Radish: The Ultimate Transformer that Builds Soil Health

Got heavy clay, compacted soil, or need organic matter? Daikon is a powerful cover crop to build soil health naturally in no-till gardens.

Can Plants Help Clean Up Oil Spills? Nature’s Role in Environmental Remediation

Discover plants that have the power to clean up oil spills and petroleum contamination - these plants offer hope for soil and water health.

The Role of Soil Microorganisms in a Sustainable and Thriving Garden

Regenerative practices all focus on one thing: tending to the soil microbiome. Learn how microbes work together with plants to store carbon.

Broadfork 101: When to use this regenerative gardening tool

Broadforking is a regenerative practice that loosen tough clay soil before planting. Build healthy soil with this regenerative tool!

54 plants for regenerative organic gardening

Planning a regenerative garden? These plants will help you reach your goals, improve soil health, enhance the ecosystem, & grow healthy food

Regenerative No-Till Agriculture and Agroforestry: Complementary Practices

Regenerative farming + agroforestry are both nature-based solutions to climate change. Learn agroforestry benefits, types, and examples.