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vegetable + fruit growing guides


Daikon Radish: The Ultimate Transformer that Builds Soil Health

Got heavy clay, compacted soil, or need organic matter? Daikon is a powerful cover crop to build soil health naturally in no-till gardens.

Squash Spectrum: The Ultimate Gardener's Guide to Varieties and Traits

A squash variety database list of different types of squash so you can decide the kinds of winter and summer squash to grow in your garden.

Scarification Secrets: The Essential List of Seeds That Need Special Care to Sprout

Discover which seeds need scarification to germinate, plus get expert tips for successful tips to scarify seeds in this full guide.

Perennial Power: Grow Sustainable Garden with Our Extensive Crop Database

Find the ideal perennial food crops for your garden with filters for zones, harvest schedules, growth requirements, and longevity.

Raised Bed Garden Ideas: The Regenerative Way

Raised bed layout designs and best practices to help you grow healthy food the regenerative way. Plan your raised bed garden with our guide.

Container Gardening 101: From Pots to Plants (apartment homesteading series)

Part of our apartment homesteading series! A full guide to growing veg in containers, with options for eco-friendly pots and compact plants.

54 plants for regenerative organic gardening

Planning a regenerative garden? These plants will help you reach your goals, improve soil health, enhance the ecosystem, & grow healthy food

the best organic fertilizers for organic gardening (2024)

Spot the signs of nutrient deficiency in plants, + learn how to ensure that your plants grow optimally with these top organic fertilizers.

Cold Stratification Guide: Complete list of flowers and herbs that need cold stratification

What seeds need cold stratification? Learn how to cold stratify seeds & find a full list of flower and herb seeds that need stratification.