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Nature-Based Climate Solutions

Here are impactful changes that we can make as individuals and as a collective in order to reduce further environmental harm

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Nature-Based Climate Solutions


Nurture Pollinators with Hedgerows: Elevating Bee-Friendly Habitats

Learn how a hedgerow attracts bees and butterflies in your backyard - go beyond pollinator patches with a year-round pollinator habitat!

Cultivate Vibrant Hedgerows: A Sustainable Sanctuary for Nature, Humans, and Climate

Discover the ecological wonders of hedgerows - diverse plant ecosystems supporting wildlife, sequestering carbon, and enhancing soil health

Can Plants Help Clean Up Oil Spills? Nature’s Role in Environmental Remediation

Discover plants that have the power to clean up oil spills and petroleum contamination - these plants offer hope for soil and water health.

54 plants for regenerative organic gardening

Planning a regenerative garden? These plants will help you reach your goals, improve soil health, enhance the ecosystem, & grow healthy food

Regenerative No-Till Agriculture and Agroforestry: Complementary Practices

Regenerative farming + agroforestry are both nature-based solutions to climate change. Learn agroforestry benefits, types, and examples.