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Ren Elizabeth

Head Gardener at Eco Friendly Homestead


  • Regenerative gardening + organic no-till vegetable growing
  • Homesteading: Raising Milk Goats, Chickens, Food Preservation
  • Ecological Knowledge: foraging, herbalism, plant identification


Ren Elizabeth writes helpful content for those who are looking to become better gardeners and environmentalists, with a special focus on the commonalities between gardening and environmentalism.


Her goal is to educate home gardeners on the methods and benefits of regenerative agriculture, and to translate those practices into the realm of the every day gardener.


Ren is passionate about land stewardship, uplifting endangered species, creating nourishing ecosystems, and tending to vegetables and herbs as a way to build self-sufficiency into one's life.


Ren is experienced in raising milk goats and cheese making, and food preservation through canning and fermentation.
She is an on-going student of herbalism, environmentalism, and ancestral ways.

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Ren Elizabeth